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The Testing Pizzeria

The Testing Pizzeria

The Testing Pizzeria is a free-to-play Fnaf download game. It is a match between the night guard and animatronic monsters lurking in a creepy vintage restaurant. It is similar to the challenge that you often see in the original horror series owned by Scott Cawthon. You will start off your cool The Testing Pizzeria fangame with an exciting position. Your shift which will prolong for many hours within several days. During that tough period of time, you must try your best to prevent scary creatures from breaking into your office room. Remember that your foes can lurk and appear suddenly! Fortunately, you are given a great tool to supervise their movement. It includes a system of cameras set throughout the building. Not only that, you can find a few devices around your place, which are effective to defend you from their lethal attacks. If you skip any important clue, you can face jumpscares, resulting in your death afterward. Attempt to keep you safe until the end for survival! Note that you are able to check out your job on PC. It does not support the mobile or Mac port. Good luck!

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