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Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night is one of the available FNaF fangames not free for all ages. Adjust the AI and play against scary monsters. Try to survive until the end! The enemy that you are going to fight with will come from the popular series Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. There are 50 characters to experience with.

Rejected Custom Night is about an intense horror match and your mission is to stay alive at the moment every challenge is finished. It is completely simple to download. Similar to the original, your office also has doors and other basic tools like a fan and a flashlight. Aside from familiar faces, you can encounter a creature named Coffee in Rejected Custom Night Gamejolt. It will jumpscare you if it collects enough energy from the caffeine. Furthermore, you will lose when you drink too much coffee. Of course, the list of the opponent that you must block will not stop there. You are forced to prepare for the worst situation. Good luck!

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