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JOLLY 2 is a scary Five Nights at Freddy’s strategy fangame. Start off with a security guard and protect the cargo until the end! Remember to defend to survive! After the pizza restaurant in the local was shut down in 1985, the animatronics are being shipped to the new place. In Fnaf JOLLY 2 Gamejolt, it is hoped to work for good. So, you are hired to watch over that big box until it is opened. Unfortunately, the robotic character contained inside has escaped. Not only that, it behaves strangely and it has some friends. It is really dangerous if you do not block those frightening robots from getting close to your office.

Download JOLLY 2 for free and you are recommended to fry their circuits on the doors! Meanwhile, cameras are useful to supervise their movement. It is impossible to electrocute the enemy if the pipe leaks. Otherwise, you will destroy yourself. To fix that tube, please lean back and click on the right spot. It’s time to explore the location and conquer your job!

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